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Why I Stopped Selling,
And Started Educating

Hi I’m Matt, the creator of Clicks Magazine...

Not long ago, I was struggling to keep my business alive. Like you, I tried just about every offline marketing course, and dumped $1000’s of dollars into products that either didn’t work at all, or were so over saturated it wasn’t worth the time or effort.

So I kept at it, spending hours cold calling, sending out emails on my computer, even meeting business owners face-to- face to pitch my services, but results were often frustrating.

Worse, I didn’t know how to position myself as an authority - to separate myself from every other marketer and make a lasting impression on my prospects.

I knew that had incredible services to offer – but I couldn’t even manage get my foot in the door in most cases to have that conversation.

Then one day, all that changed.

I remember thinking to myself:

“Business owners are bombarded with the same lame sales pitches every single day, and they are sick and tired of it. So why am I still trying to sell them this way? What if I did the complete opposite, and just EDUCATE and EMPOWER my prospects with content they find value in instead?”

So that’s what I did.

I started my own digital magazine newsletter, that's designed to serve my audience better than anyone else - and my client base not only exploded in the weeks and months to follow, but I was also able to raise my rates and close even more deals.

I had discovered something most marketers still haven’t even realized...

Effective content marketing is the fastest way build credibility with your audience and be perceived as an expert!

Allow Me To Introduce You To…

Clicks is a fully-editable digital magazine that not only builds instant credibility and proves you’re the expert, but also demonstrates to business owners that you can deliver results better than anyone else.

It’s content marketing on overdrive, which means you never have to hard sell prospects ever again.
The magazine does the pre-selling for you. It equips you with done-for- you, ready-to- use, premium content that’s so valuable, your audience will be saying...

“This is GREAT, how do we get started?”

It’s the easiest way to get your foot in the door with offline prospects, and a big leg up on your competition.

Best of all, with Clicks you can literally set up your own offline lead generation machine in under 5 minutes!

Each Edition of Clicks Magazine Includes:

Each article within Clicks, is intentionally designed to be a magazine style newsletter AND segmented to be used as a standalone resource. This lets you deliver visually beautiful authority content to prospects who are interested in those specific services!

Topics include: Local SEO, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Marketing, PPC and More!

Print them off, attach them to prospect emails & proposals, use it in your direct mail efforts, you can even upload the content to your blog… The sky is the limit on how you decide to use it!

Reviews from Subscribers

“While your competition tries to send the same prospects spammy emails
or bland advertising, you’ll be giving your prospects valuable
information and insights that can actually HELP them.”

Your subscription to Clicks Magazine today not only gives you full white-label rights to the monthly issues... You’ll also get instant access to our Million Dollar Marketer’s Vault inside our members area..

Here’s a sneak peek inside:

NEW! 101 Businesses to Target

If you’re not generating at least $10K per month in profits, start here. Your LEADS CHEAT SHEET includes 101 of the most receptive local businesses you can target today, which means now you can own these niches and start flooding your business with more paying clients, before your competitors do.

New! Quick Start Email Template

Not sure how to contact prospects? I've got you covered with my QUICK START EMAIL SWIPE. Just send it out to your list of offline prospects with your business info, and you can easily land yourself a handful of clients within the hour!

New! Authority Marketing

DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO YOU? In this guide, you'll go over what being an authority means, why it's something to strive for, how to get there and what to do once you've climbed at all the way to the top.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

We are constantly adding exclusive marketing resources, video tutorials and training tools to keep our subscribers at the top of the food chain.

And much, MUCH more... All inside, all waiting for you!

But we’ll let you enjoy discovering your membership area for yourself. It’s truly a marketing goldmine for Clicks subscribers only.

Our Current Issue: #58 

Clicks Magazine...
Created by Marketers for Marketers


If you struggle to get clients, don’t blame yourself.

Because as you know, hard selling is dead...

It’s been that way for years now.

Just ask any business owner, and they’ll tell you they receive an “avalanche” of unsolicited emails, calls and sales pitches every single day.

So what can you do?

How can you get prospects to know, like and trust you?

How can you convert them into happy paying clients today?

The answer is easy... Separate yourself from the Pack.  Get Clicks Magazine!

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