Instantly Boost Your Authority with Your Audience

Clicks PLR Magazine is a high quality, great looking online marketing resource specifically created for small & local business audience -That you’ll be proud to put your name on and position yourself as an expert.

This “done for you” editable magazine is the #1 tool that every single Offline Marketer should be using to INSTANTLY raise your expert status and credibility factor with offline prospects. Each issue is packed with topics that small & local business owners will find real value in and appreciate receiving from you.

Best of all, it’s simple to use, and requires no expensive software or learning curve. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes with your very own business magazine.

Features Include:

  • Sleek, Professional Design that instantly gets attention.
  • Relevant Topics that small & local business owners find real value in.
  • Content written by Experts that know the industry.
  • 2 Formats options that make it easy to brand with your logo & company info.
  • Custom Advertisements included in each issue to promote your services.
  • Amazing Bonuses included in each issue – ready to use reports, infographics, white paper reports & more.
  • Members-Only Resource Center - Access premium marketing tools including ebooks, training videos, sales templates and more inside our members area.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Try out Clicks for 30 days, if you’re not absolutely thrilled let us know & we’ll send you a full refund.
  • Awesome Support – We’re here for you now, and down the road.



This magazine looks fantastic. The topic are spot on and very well written. Exactly what my audience will connect with. Matt you nailed it on this one, I'm already looking forward to next month's issue.
Lily Fontane
This is easily one of the best value WSO's I've ever purchased. I'm blown away by how professional and well presented they are. What Matt has done with this magazine is brilliant and I'll be subscribing as long as it runs - this is going to be such a powerful and effective tool for me to 2015!
Alex D
WOW, WOW, WOW! I am thoroughly impressed! I am a big believer in authority marketing, however finding a good PLR content is a huge challenge. The content is professionally written, and perfect for small business owners. Magazine layout is clean, user-friendly, and eye-catching. A definite 5 star offline lead generation tool.
Natasha Jacobs

Very professional and will definitely put you in a great position with small business owners.
Dave Espino

Just add local business prospects and your current clients to a mailing list and send them the monthly issue... Automatic Credibility and Power... and RESULTS.
Bruce NewMedia

What can I say, this magazine is awesome, it's seriously worth every penny & more.
Russ Sells

Quality content in an attractive package. Just a kind of material you want to use to brand your business and educate your prospects and clients
Sara Mott

This is a no-brainer, Greatest things Since Sliced Bread.
“BIG Frank” Falcone

If you are looking for a way to stamp "expert" on you/your client business, this is it!
Barbara Philip

If you want memorable impressions with leads, and clients - This white label magazine is no-brainer. Nobody else has their own marketing publication, and that gives my business an edge.
Jonathan Reed