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But let’s face it. Creating compelling content – the level of quality content you need to ACTUALLY get the attention of your audience is not easy.

You can either write it all yourself and invest days, even WEEKS of your time (that you don’t have) Or hire a writer and pay BIG bucks - and you still might not be happy with the results.

Which is why I launched Clicks Magazine 4 Years ago...

...And it’s been a content marketing & lead gen game changer for over 1,000+ local marketers across the web.

One of the most common requests we get is to dedicate an entire issue to one specific topic.  And that’s a GREAT idea, but dedicating an entire monthly issue to 1 topic would alienate a large number of our subscribers.

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The Clicks Magazine Special Edition Set

Each issue is designed to be used as a lead magnet or plug right into your content marketing campaign – To help you develop your Know, Like & Trust factor with your audience for a specific service.

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Maybe ..... You just offer SEO services, or Web Design, or Facebook Ads management.  This special edition set allows you to target 1 specific topic and build authority with your audience as a specialist.

Now you have access to 5 premium designed digital assets targeting the HOTTEST marketing topics that provide insightful, credibility boosting content that resonates with small business owners.

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PLR Rights

[YES] Can rebrand and claim full authorship
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus or lead magnet.
[YES] Can repurpose I.E. blog content, newsletter training & social media content etc.

[NO] Cannot sell or give away private label rights to other marketers.
[NO] Cannot sell or give away editable source files