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To all my JV friends,

Thank you for checking out this launch!  DFY Offline Ad Templates is a collection of agency quality ad templates offline marketers can use to boost their authority and attract new clients.



Thursday Sept 28th the FE launches at $17
Saturday Sept. 30th it jumps to $19.95
Monday Oct 2nd is the final increase to $27

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[Offline PLR] Agency Quality Ad Templates

Hey {first name},

Want a quick and easy way to make a BIG impression on your prospects?

My offline buddy Matt Lee just launched a great looking set of DFY Ad Templates and they look freakin sweet!

There’s 25 beautiful pre-designed ads that look like you spent big bucks on design. The only thing you need to do is add your personal CTA and branding – and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have a custom ad you’ll be proud to use.

You’ll receive:

25 Full page Ad Templates
25 FB Newsfeed Templates
50 Postcard Templates


Best of all these are 100% editable and come in multiple formats – so no matter what your level of experience, you won’t have any issues creating your custom ads.

Grab this one today while the price is low. Saturday the price goes up.

All the best,


Just making sure you got my email…
Grab it before the price goes up!
The Feedback Coming in is Off the Charts!

Hey {first name},

In case you missed out my email yesterday, I just want to remind you if you haven’t had the chance to check out this set of DFY Offline Ad Templates

Matt Lee (creator of Clicks Magazine) had put together a huge get of pre-designed ad templates you can use to market your services to prospects.

Simply open one of the templates, add in your custom message & branding and you’re done!

It doesn’t matter what you offer:

Consultant Services
SEO Services
Rep Management
PPC & Lead Gen Services
Social Media Marketing

This set of templates has you covered. It’s a great set of resources for your toolbox!

Check it out for yourself.


But I’d hurry though, the introductory price goes up TOMORROW!

To Your Success,


The Price Went Up ☹ But Matt Gave Me a Promo Code! 😊
[Open Me] Think you missed out? Maybe not!
[HOT] How to Create Agency Style Ads in Under 5 Minutes

Hey {first name},

I hope you’re well

This morning while sipping on some coffee and catching up on some email, I received feedback from a number of subscribers that are loving the DFY Ad Templates.

Simon loves the postcards. He plans on mailing the rep management next week.
Arnoldo is FB marketer, so he was pretty excited about the newsfeed ads.
Jaime didn’t say which she likes best, but says it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

This isn’t one of those mediocre PLR “graphic packs” you see going around. They’re produced by the same designer team who create Clicks Magazine – so you know it’s good stuff.

Bottom line?

This set of ad templates will be a useful marketing resource that you’ll actually use, instead of collecting virtual dust =)


Use coupon code: SAVE2NOW to save $2.95

Keep up the good fight!


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Hey {first name},

Just a quick heads up…

This is your FINAL CHANCE to grab the “DFY Offline Ad Templates” before the price goes up to $27 on Monday.

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock, maybe you’ve been on vacation sipping on a mai tai… But now that you’re back make sure you GRAB it right now before the price increases!

This is definitely a resource every offline marketer should have in their toolbox.


Use coupon code: SAVE2NOW to save $2.95

So get your set right now before the price jumps to $27!


Talk soon,


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Good News!

A bunch of people missed out on the special promo pricing yesterday, so Matt set me up with a $10 discount code for my subscribers. But it’s only good for the next 24 hours. If you haven’t picked this up yet – Click on the link below to grab it now!

Use coupon code: SAVE10NOW on the checkout page to lock in that discount. This coupon expires on Tuesday so act fast.


To your success!

As always, thank you for your support!  Please touch base and let me know about your upcoming launches, I am HAPPY to promote high quality offline marketing related products.

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