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Give Your Subscribers Something they DESPERATELY NEED to Gain Competitive Edge in 2018 with this HUGE DFY Content Collection.

Content Is King... Now more than ever in 2018. But why do local marketers still struggle with creating enough engaging content for their blog & social media pages?

Limited time?
Limited budget?
Limited resources?

Whatever the reason, we have the solution. This incredible "ready to go" content marketing collection will give your subscribers the edge they need to thrive in 2018 – DFY and ready to re-brand Infographics, Slideshows, Blogs Posts, Social Media Content, lead magnets- and a whole lot more!

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Our proven to convert funnel


The Front End Product

The FE product includes a huge set of “done for you” offline marketing resources including: infographics, ppt slideshows, social media posts, blog content & more that you can start generating traffic with right away.

The Upsell

The OTO includes a 40 video content syndication course that breaks down the complexity of content marketing into easy to consume segments.  We’re also including an unlimited use license of WP Viral Click - a social media plugin that can increase engagement and shares by 3X

Buyers will also receive 10 more infographics, upgraded social media content, more guest post style blogs and some pretty great bonuses to boost conversions.

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My offline buddy Matt Lee (creator of Clicks Magazine) just launched an
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Literally, the only thing you need to do is add your personal CTA and
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Normally when I mention the words “Content Marketing” to my subscribers the
topic tends to be treated like a 4 letter word.

But did you know that almost 50% of B2B Customers consume 3-5 pieces of
content prior to engaging a business?

Good content marketing matters.

The fact is, a lot of marketers struggle with curating and creating enough
quality content on a regular basis for their blog, social media pages and
other marketing channels.

This week,  an consultant friend of mine, just launched a huge “done for
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Easy Content Marketing for Local Marketers.

Hi there!

You’ve heard the old adage,  Content Is King…

And in 2018 that holds true now more than ever.

But why do local marketers still struggle with creating enough engaging
content for their blog & social media pages?

Not enough time?
No budget for a writer?
Not sure how to create compelling content?

Whatever the reason, It doesn’t matter.

My offline buddy Matt Lee (creator of Clicks Magazine) just launched a SWEET
“DFY” Content Marketing Collection for offline marketers and it looks
freaking awesome!

This incredible “ready to go” content marketing collection will give you the
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I cannot believe that my offline buddy Matt Lee is actually giving away ALL of this super premium offline content for $17.

It’s pretty insane. I think he’s of his meds or something …

…but that is good news for you.

Because he’s got a great reputation for putting out KILLER offline marketing PLR over the past couple years and his latest launch does not disappoint.

This “DFY Content Marketing Collection” includes expertly crafted content & resources you can use build your audience and authority at the same time allowing you to generate “traffic on demand”

-25 Gorgeous looking Infographics
-25 PowerPoint Slideshows
-10 1,000+ Word “Guest Post” Quality Blogs
-30 Days of Social Media Posts
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This is great offline content that will resonate with local business owners.

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Short email today.

Just wanted to check in with one final reminder about the Matt Lee’s “Traffic on Demand” DFY content special launch promo ends tonight.

The price goes up at Midnight, so if you haven’t taken a look yet, take 30 seconds to check it out and decide for yourself.

This DFY collection is loaded with good stuff.

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