It’s time to fire your graphic designer…

Now You Can Create STUNNING Lead Magnets In JUST MINUTES That WOW Your Prospects with Content You Already Own
– And With Zero Experience!

Attention Local Marketers –

If you’re like most marketers, you probably invest a lot of time (or money) in creating content for your audience.  Your content is what compels your visitors to take action

As an agency owner, and publisher of Clicks Magazine I know as good as anyone that authority content is worth its weight in GOLD...

..And is one of the biggest assets to your business!

As we roll into 2019 content marketing is more important than ever…

So why get only 1 single use out of something that took so much time & effort to create?

Now you can repurpose that same content and create amazing new digital assets for your business in JUST minutes and NO experience necessary!


The “DFY” Lead Magnet Templates Pack

After 4 years of publishing Clicks Magazine, the most common request I received from subscribers is to make a lead magnet that looks as good as Clicks Magazine AND is 100% editable with MS Word  – Which is actually a really difficult task.

So I asked my designers to push the limits of they thought was possible and I’m proud to say that after a few weeks of trial and error they cracked the code to creating STUNNING editable designs that – until now just weren’t possible with MS Word.

These are the best looking and EASIEST to edit
lead magnet templates on the web.

These EASY to EDIT versatile design allows you to reuse these
templates for a broad range of niches & topics.

Each template comes with everything you need – the fonts, the imagery – use as is or customize it as much as you ‘d like because each template is 100% editable!

ALL of the templates include HAND PICKED royalty free imagery. You can reuse, or swap it out for other images - it's up to you!

Check out how EASY it is in our Video Demo below!

What Subscribers Are Saying About These DFY Lead Magnet Templates

These templates are perfect for:


Keep in mind...  Hiring a graphic designer
will cost you $100 - $300+ PER project.


But during this limited time promotion we’re including 30 fully editable templates that can be ready to go in just minutes INSTEAD of WEEKS!

For one INSANELY small price!

That's over $5k in real world value!

Plus if you act fast, you’ll also receive these 3 fast action bonuses
– to help you take your designs to the next level!

Bonus #1: 100+ Royalty Free Stock Images

What’s better than getting all the imagery included with each lead magnet template? It’s getting even more image options to choose from!  This stock image bundle is hand-picked for local marketers. Use these images for replacements in your lead magnets, on your website or blog.  The choice is yours.

Valued at $197

Bonus #2: Free Stock Image Resources (That Rock)

*NEVER publicly shared before!  I’m revealing my personal “go-to” rolodex for stock image resources that are 100% royalty FREE(even for commercial use).  Stop paying $10 per image or MORE and check out the incredible websites on this list.  I guarantee you’ll find something you like and thank me later 🙂

Valued at $47

Bonus #3: 67  Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnet — noun — an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets dominate the marketing industry. Everyone seems to have one... But they are popular because they work. So YES you should have a lead magnet too! Here’s 67 ideas to compel your audience into taking action.

Valued at $47

Of Course You’re Also Covered By Our Rock Solid, No- Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

​If you're not satisfied at any time during the first 30 days after your purchase, just open a support ticket, tell us you want a refund, and that's it! We won't ask why and we won't try to trick you into changing your mind. No questions asked means no questions asked!

So now you really have no excuse.

Click the buy button today and pick up this entire set of DFY Templates (valued at over $5,000+) to get more mileage out of your existing content

Or let these templates inspire you to create new content – the choice is yours!

Either way, you’ll have a premium looking design that your audience will instantly salivate over…. Nobody will ever know that you created it with MS Word!

So... What are you waiting for?  Get instant access by clicking below!


P.S. Think about this… Even if you just create 1 lead magnet.  You just saved yourself well over $100 on design costs (and it cost you a fraction of that!)  So, what do you have to lose?  We all have content that could be doing more with. Now, you have no excuse!

PPS. What will you be doing in 30 minutes?  You COULD be finishing up with your next lead magnet for your business 😉




How many pages in length are the magazine templates?

Typically, 3 to 5 pages and created for around 500-2000 words of content.

What type of lead magnets can I create?

Free Reports/Guides, Case Studies, E-books, Cheat sheets, Tool Kit/Resource Lists,  Checklists, Training Tutorials, etc.

What formats are included?

100% Microsoft Word.

Really… These templates are just created with Microsoft Word?

Yes. Really.  And it was quite an accomplishment.

What about all the images?

Every image was hand picked is 100% royalty free including commercial use.

Is there InDesign or PSD formats?

No, these templates are 100% created with MS Word (and a little design wizardry) for people who don’t have design experience but want something easy to customize that still looks incredible.  BUT all the source files (fonts, imagery, reference PDF) are included so if you already have InDesign or Photoshop you could easily recreate a template in about 5 minutes.

What PLR rights are included?

Use the templates however you want to create your own digital assets.  You have full ownership/authorship rights to every template you customize.  You just can’t resell or give away the editable word doc files.  (As they are our digital assets)

My template doesn’t look right after I customized it, what did I do wrong?

9 times out of 10, it’s because you don’t have the correct fonts installed. Easy fix though =)  We include the fonts in every single template so make sure that installing the fonts the first thing you do before starting to customize a new template.

Can I sell the templates I customize?

Sure you can but again, I don’t recommend it.  You’ll get more value out of this set by creating content marketing assets for lead generation and to gain authority with your audience.

I’m no good at design and afraid that my results won’t look as nice as your mockups.

That’s understandable, but you are exactly why we created this template set.  We’ve already done the “heavy lifting” and created the entire layout & design of each template for you.  And picked complimentary fonts & colors that work best with each design.  You just need to replace the “mockup text” with your own title headers and body content and images (or use the images we provide).  If you are even remotely familiar with Microsoft Word and know how to copy & paste – you have all the tools you need.

I don’t have Microsoft Word, but I have Open Office will that work?

While open office may work as an alternative for standard word documents, our pre-designed templates won’t display properly.  But why even mess with open office when you can subscribe to office 365?  Get for 30 days free and then it’s just $11 per month through Microsoft here.