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It’s time to take your content marketing to the next level…

Finally you can create your VERY OWN
Digital Magazine that looks INCREDIBLE
using only Microsoft Word!

…And everything is 100% editable!

Attention Local Consultants,

I have something truly exciting to share with you.

You see.  We’ve published Clicks Magazine (our monthly digital marketing magazine) for over 4 years now, and the ONE thing we haven’t been able to provide our subscribers with a 100% editable version of Clicks Magazine for our MS Word Subscribers.

Sad but true.  Our number 1 request from subscribers is to make a fully editable MS Word Version.

But subscribers have spoken, and we listened!

Today you can get access to this set of premium DFY magazine templates that push the boundaries of what actually possible using Microsoft Word.  These templates take the design to the next level and you’d never guess these were created with Microsoft Word.

It’s time to blow away your audience and make an impression they won’t forget.

Because now you can create your OWN digital magazine with your own content & have 100% creative control with the

Clicks Marketer "DFY" Magazine Templates

Everything You Need to Create Your Own Digital Magazine and Other Digital Assets

This is next level content marketing.

Here’s what’s included:


30 Unique Magazine Article Templates

These templates are designed for magazine use but are PERFECT for Free reports, individual lead magnets & other content marketing campaigns.

Each template is designed for 1000-2000 words.

Need something shorter?

It’s as easy as deleting one of the pages in the template.

Need something longer?

That’s no problem either, just copy one of the pages in the template, and paste it onto the end.

Swap out the imagery and shift a few elements around until it looks like you want it to.

Every template is designed to be edited as little OR as much as you'd like.... And couldn't be easier!

Plus you'll get immediate access to 4 more bonus modules below!


5 Cover Options (Valued at $497)


5 Table of Contents Options (Valued at $497)


5 Pre-Written Advertisements (valued at $997)


5 PPT Infographics (valued at $497)

And Yes! Everything Is 100% Editable!

Still Not Convinced?
Watch Our Demo & See How Easy It Is Below!

Not even our Microsoft Word format of Clicks Magazine is 100% editable LIKE THESE templates are.

So if you want a 100% editable  “magazine style” option – There is no better option available online.

THIS is it.

Trust me, we checked.

There ARE other options out there, but there is nothing available online that measures up the design quality and ease of use that this set of templates provides.

If you can use MS Word, then you everything you need to publish your own magazine, create your own lead magnets, special reports & more.

But keep in mind,

At the end of the day, Clicks Magazine is created with InDesign, and the Microsoft Word version won’t be fully editable like these are.   So if you want a 100% editable option, this is what you've been waiting for!

If you purchase this today, I’ll include 3 more fast action bonuses!

Bonus #1: DFY Icons Set Pack

Now you can take your customization to the next level without spending another dime on decent icon packs. Each icon set is 100% custom, and designed specifically for the services offline marketers offer.   You’re going to love this!

Valued at $47

Bonus #2: 5 Stock Photo Resources
(That Rock) Volume II

It used to be that if you wanted to find compelling imagery you had to pay an arm & a leg for it.  Or use crappy royalty free websites with cheesy low-quality imagery.   But that is not the only option anymore. Especially when you know where the find the good resources.   In this resource guide I’m including 5 more KICK ASS royalty free image resources that I personally use & you should too.

Valued at $47

Bonus #3: 99 Powerful Content Marketing Ideas… That Actually Work!

To be successful with your content marketing you need to be able to churn out GOOD content, consistently. Not just any content, but they kind of content that compels your audience to take action. And it can be a lot of pressure to keep coming up with new ideas on your own. Which is why I’m including this massive list of 99 content marketing ideas to inspire your next content marketing success story!

Valued at $97

Of Course You’re Also Covered By Our Rock Solid, No- Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

​If you're not satisfied at any time during the first 30 days after your purchase, just open a support ticket, tell us you want a refund, and that's it! We won't ask why and we won't try to trick you into changing your mind. No questions asked means no questions asked!

Just imagine how much time & money you’ll be saving when you no longer need to rely on a Graphic Designer to create everything from scratch!

It adds up to hundreds of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars.

But act fast! This template set is ONLY available for a short time.  Grab it now before the price goes up to our regular rate of $97

So what are you waiting for?

To compel your audience to take action you must first get their attention.

These “done for you” templates will make it easy to add some Aww Yeah into your content marketing game and make an impression your audience won't forget.

So grab this huge template set and bonuses before it’s too late!


P.S.  Still on the fence? Keep in mind the risk is 100% on me.  I'm still going to give you 30 days to check out this entire set and if you don't think these are the BEST looking, easiest to edit MS Word templates available anywhere online - just send me a message through our support desk and request a refund.  And don't worry, we can still be friends!

P.P.S. And if you get stuck and need help, just send us a support ticket through our support desk.


How many pages in length are the magazine templates?

Typically 3 to 5 pages and created for 500-2000 words of content.

What’s the difference between the lead magnet templates I just purchased, and these magazine templates?

That’s a great question, and honestly, they can be used the same way.  But it takes more time and effort to create magazine quality designs.  These templates include all the elements you need to create your own digital magazine.  But you can still use these templates as stand alone as the lead magnet templates to create Free Reports, Guides, Ebooks, Training tutorials & other digital assets.

What formats are included?

100% Microsoft Word.

What about all the images?

Every image was hand picked is 100% royalty free including commercial use.

Is there InDesign or PSD formats?

No, these templates are 100% created with MS Word (and a little design wizardry) for people who don’t have design experience but want something easy to customize that still looks incredible.  BUT all the source files (fonts, imagery, reference PDF) are included so if you already have InDesign or Photoshop you could easily recreate a template in about 5 minutes.

My template doesn’t look right after I customized it, what did I do wrong?

9 times out of 10, it’s because you don’t have the correct fonts installed. Easy fix though =)  We include the fonts in every single template so make sure that installing the fonts the first thing you do before starting to customize a new template.

What PLR rights are included?

Use the templates however you want to create your own digital assets.  You have full ownership/authorship rights to every template you customize.  You just can’t resell or give away the editable word doc files.  (As they are our digital assets)

Really… These templates are just created with Microsoft Word?

Yes. Really.  And it was quite an accomplishment. There's still some cake in the break room if you want some.

Can I sell the templates I customize?

Sure you can but again, I don’t recommend it.  You’ll get more value out of this set by creating content marketing assets for lead generation and to gain authority with your audience.

I’m no good at design and afraid that my results won’t look as nice as your mockups.

That’s understandable, but you are exactly why we created this template set.  We’ve already done the “heavy lifting” and created the entire layout & design of each template for you.  And picked complimentary fonts & colors that work best with each design.  You just need to replace the “mockup text” with your own title headers and body content and images (or use the images we provide).  If you are even remotely familiar with Microsoft Word and know how to copy & paste – you have all the tools you need.

I don’t have Microsoft Word, but I have Open Office will that work?

While open office may work as an alternative for standard word documents, our pre-designed templates won’t display properly.  But why even mess with open office when you can subscribe to office 365?  Get for 30 days free and then it’s just $11 per month through Microsoft here.