Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download my Back Issues? +

We rotate the 2 most current issues in the member's area to cut down on the number of our download links floating around the web. You can send us a support ticket with your recent transaction ID's and we'll look up your account and send over all the issues that you need.

How do I go about updating my payment options? +

Our transactions are processed through PayPal but you can always update your payment/funding method within your PayPal account to debit whichever payment source you'd like.

How to cancel my subscription? +

Submit a support ticket and provide us your latest transaction ID or Paypal email in order to look up your payment on JVZoo.

Can I suspend my account and resume when I want? +

Unfortunately there's no way to "suspend" recurring payments through the jvzoo system.  We'll need to cancel it for now and repurchase when you're ready to pick it up again. We don't have control with the subscriptions but unfortunately it's pretty limited.  If you want to cancel for now please send us a recent transaction ID or your paypal email so we can look your subscription up.